Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I pay for the motorcycle?

Following your choice for your favourite motorcycle, we shall forward you our bank account, to remit the agreed amount. Once we have received the amount on our account, we shall order a wooden box for shipment (delivery approx. 5 days), and will inform about shipment cost.

How will the motorcycle be shipped to me?

The motorcycle will be transported in a wooden box, that fits the vehicle perfectly.

Can I order more photographs of my favourite motorcycle?

Of course you can, we always take several detailed photographs of our motorcycles. Pictures are more clear than 1000 words.

Does the company give a guarantee?

No! These kinds of antique vehicles can not be given any guarantee. We shall give you a description as honestly as we possibly can.

When will the motorcycle be delivered?

Depending on the final destination, delivery takes approx. 3 weeks.

Do I know the whereabouts of my motorcycle during shipment?

No, its impossible to do so (like shipment by UPS). As soon as we have an agreement, we will keep you posted about the progress of the shipment.

e.g. : - We have received your payment, the box is prepared 
  for shipment.

- Shipment cost and date for collection have been 

- The motorcycle goes on its way to its final destination.

- etc. etc.

Can I come and collect the motorcycle myself?

That would be an ideal situation!

Is the motorcycle insured during shipment?

Insurance is possible and recommended as well, at customers charges.

And what will be the shipment cost?

 This depends on 3 factors:
- destination (according to various distances).
- size of the motorcycle.
- weight of the motorcycle.

Shipment cost can be inquired in advance (before purchase) The price of a wooden box will be approx. € 220,=. 

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