1954 Audi DKW RT 175

1954 AUDI DKW RT 175  


1954 Audi DKW RT 175 - Antique Cycles


The DKW RT 175 was a motorcycle of Auto Union . Among other brand motorcycles DKW the company built 1953-1958 in Ingolstadt three RT models with 175 cc, to suggesting the type designation.

The abbreviation RT in conjunction with the brand name DKW stands for kingdom type and refers to the relationship with the pre-war motorcycles DKW RT 100 and RT 125

In autumn 1953, the car turned the Union RT 175 at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Frankfurt before, together with the larger model RT 250/2 . Thanks to its robustness, efficiency and good handling characteristics included the RT 175 right away the best selling machines;Mid-1950s was every other bike in the class up to 175 cc aDKW RT 175 .

The newly developed engine with 174 cc had a maximum output of 9.5 hp at 5000 / min and a maximum torque of 13.7 Nm (1.4 mkg) at 3600 / min. Characteristic of the engine was the flat torque curve over a wide speed range. The engine is combined with clutch and four-speed transmission in a closed block.

Further features of the DKW RT 175 were the closed chain case, telescopic fork and a Geradwegfederung the rear wheel and the disguised carburetor; the panel was designed so that even an intake noise returned. The drum brakes have a diameter of 150 mm. Rear full hub brake is faked, because the rear brake pedal is still in the side chain case. Standard had RT 175 no stoplight. The fuel consumption was 2.8 liters per 100 km. The RT 175accelerated in 4 seconds at 40 km / h in 13 seconds at 75 km / h. The top speed was the manufacturer with 101 km / h and lying 94 km / h to sitting. To connect a sidecar, the RT was 175 not designed.

The RT 175 is approximately 2000 mm long and about 660 mm wide. She has a 13-gallon tank, which 2.5 liters reserve are. The empty weight of the RT 175 is 117 kg. In single-cylinder two-stroke engine with mixture lubrication (1:25) and DKW reverse circulation operates a flat-bottomed flask with 62 mm diameter at 58 mm piston stroke. Therefore, we call this type of engine has a ' short stroke '. - The same cylinder dimensions won the sidecar suitable two-cylinder model RT 350, which, although already shown in 1953 at trade shows, but only in 1955-56 was in the program.

In autumn 1954, the RT was 175 fourfold slotted cylinder cooling fins to mitigate thermally induced problems, and a new front fork with installed upwards rubber bellows, as it was also used in its successor. Price for the "normal version" was 1,420.00 DM, for the "Chrome Version" 1.475,00 DM

Technical specifications

  DKW RT 175 DKW RT 175 S DKW RT 175 VS
construction 1953-1955 1955-1956 1956-1958
number of pieces 40,500 13,645 15.010
motor 1-cylinder two-stroke
capacity 174 cm³
Bore x stroke 62 x 58 mm
power 9.5 hp 9.6 hp
top speed 94 km / h 95 km / h
front suspension telescopic fork wing
rear suspension Geradweg wing


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